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Matt DiBiase Top Agent Magazine Feature

DSC_9335From the September 2015 issue of Top Agent Magazine Nationwide & International Edition.

TOP AGENT Matt DiBiase went from a football scholarship at the University of Maine in his junior year to licensed and selling real estate by his senior year, and hasn’t looked back. “I decided I wasn’t going to go pro,” he jokes. “Athletics wasn’t really something I thought I’d be involved in after college.” Real estate, however, was something Matt always had a knack for. “I grew up around real estate. My stepfather was in the business for over 30 years. As I always envisioned I would be in a business environment, I made the decision to intern for a real estate company and started selling while still in college.”

Servicing the Greater Portland area of Maine with Landing Real Estate, Matt brings an impressive skill set to work each and every day, most notably the extreme level of discipline he maintains. “I focus on lead generations and expanding business in the mornings, then move to appointments in the afternoon. I keep my business running with routine discipline. It’s a level of professionalism that ensures my business plan is followed and that I remain on task.”

Matt’s extremely active and aggressive marketing is what sets his business apart from his peers in the marketplace. “As a younger agent, it’s important to find a niche that differentiates my services from other agents. I go above and beyond with my clients, and am proactive in marketing properties for my sellers. As far as buyers are concerned, I’m a great negotiator when it comes to putting deals together. I’m a salesperson by nature and have always loved the business atmosphere. Customer service is just second-nature to me; my goal is to meet each client’s needs.” This savvy business practice is most exemplified in the agency’s timely motto: “Our Aggressive Approach Equals Your Successful Results.”

What this all means for Matt is constantly staying abreast of new and innovative technology. One way that Landing Real Estate meets this goal is by engaging in social media, as well as spending time and resources on internet marketing, while remaining active with targeted print marketing for sales and new listings as well.

This pervasive approach to marketing allows the business to widen its net of reliable customer service when need be. “We don’t pigeonhole ourselves in the market. We do a little bit of everything, from higher-end homes and new construction to rehab properties and traditional listings. We really try to keep ourselves open,” says Matt. “In having a larger influence in the area, we provide the best service for both current and prospective clients.”

What Matt loves most about his career is putting deals together and placing clients with the right property. “I love putting deals together,” he admits. “I enjoy doing what I can to help others either sell their property or get the property they want. At the end of the day, what drives me most is being able to make things possible for others.”

Matt’s service-oriented approach isn’t limited to clients alone, however. He and his wife also train and coach their agents. Additionally, the agency is actively involved in sponsoring various non-profit events and organizations, such as Helping Paws, which helps rescue dogs find forever homes, and Windham Summerfest. Involvement with many supported events also comes about due to the agency’s sustained relationships with its past clients, underscoring the fact that service doesn’t end with the transaction.

Matt has also developed a great relationship with his local gym, where he stays active with Cross Fit. He and his wife are also active boaters, and in their off-hours, enjoy spending time on Casco Bay with friends.

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